What you didn’t know about Wentworth Miller

We all know Wentworth Miller, the hot and the refined British actor who played Michael Scofield in the global hit ‘Prison Break’ TV show. He was born on June 2, 1972 in Chipping Norton, England, and moved later with his parents to Brooklyn. He studied English at Princeton University as a way to avoid his inner passion for acting and drama. Until he finally listened to his inner calling and started attending auditions, he worked either as an assistant at a film production company or as a bookstore clerk. He made his debut with a role on another phenomenon show, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ but wanted to reach a more remarkable role. And so he did, in the drama ‘The Human Stain’, where Wentworth Miller plays the complex character of young Silk and breaks through by providing some of the exceptional scenes in the film.

What all of us don’t know is the fact that beside a rich filmography, Wentworth Miller has a tumultuous life spiced with dramatic events and secrets and here are the most scandalous of them:

  • Even if during ‘Prison Break’s run he denied, by the fear of destroying his career, that he is gay, Wentworth Miller revealed his true sexual orientation in a letter to the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival, declining their invitation to be the guest of honor. The reason for his choice is a clear protest against Russia’s treatment towards gay people.
  • Wentworth Miller said he is “deathly” allergic to cats, and he doesn’t like them at all. He even says he is allergic to many other animals, and sometimes to people. For example, he had to film a scene where he gave Dominic Purcell a hug, and he got a rash on his neck after that.
  • The actor tried to get the role to play the Man of Steel, but he didn’t get it. Now, Wentworth Miller dreams to play Superman, so he is waiting for a sequel. It was confirmed, so let’s all keep finger crossed for him.