Hairstyles Over 50

Some people say that the best hairstyles over 50 is the short hairstyle or haircut, however, hairstyles over 50 can also be a long hairstyle. For short hairstyles, the bob cut and pixie cuts are always considered and have been very popular in the 1950’s or for as long as I can remember it. Women on the go, especially the celebrities wore hairstyles over 50 because it is easy to manage and to maintain. The pixie cut can be gelled to give a wet look style which can make her look cool and sophisticated. The layered bob cut with a bangs can make you look years younger. Furthermore, to give the hair a striking effect, color can be added to some strands of the hair. A razor trimmed hair with edgy bangs is also a great hairstyle.

Hairstyles over 50

For long haired women, a trendy layered hairstyle that extends downward from her shoulders can make her look more feminine. Other hairstyles over 50 can have the hair piled up like a bun on the head. It can also be tied at the back (resembling a ponytail) to make you look younger. Hairstyles over 50 also recommend a shoulder length hairstyle with sidewise bangs. The long wavy hairstyle that extends up to the shoulders can also give you a sexy and feminine look.