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Escape room in Ljubljana for a fun experience

Escape room in Ljubljana is a fun place to discover another side of yourself and your friends and familiy. It is a unique test of your abilities to find new solutions to different problems. You have a limited amount of time to solve riddles and codes, to find hidden hints and, finally, unlock the door to your freedom. Escape room in Ljubljana is a great way to find new friends or to deepen the existing relationships. It is an entertaining place to go, when you want to spend some free time to curl your brain with new puzzles.

escape room in Ljubljana

Escape room in Ljubljana represents a reality game with you and your partners as main characters. You have limited time to solve the problem and escape the room. Escape room in Ljubljana offers you a thrilling experience, just like from a Hollywood movie. Escape room Mindmaze has prepared two different rooms for you – to test you logical and emotional abilities. The first room takes you back to 16. century, to search for a golden egg of a dragon, which has the ability to make gold out of copper. We invite you to escape the room to see if the legend of a dragon is true for yourself. The other room drives you back to the ending of second world war, when Slovenia was still surrounded by barbed wire. Ljubljana can be saved only by Franc Laibach, who needs your skills, help and resourcefulness. Help him to decode the enigma and unlock the locks to freedom.

At first sight it may look like an easy experience, but as competition kicks in, you fall into a deep rollercoaster of timing, place and people. To ecsape the actual escape room in Ljubljana, you will need intelligence, a great group of friend and, what is even more important, good communication skills.