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DMC Serbia for exploring the undiscovered gem of Eastern Europe

Once a kingdom, then the capital of Yugoslavia, Serbia has a historical role in the development of the Adriatic region. For the last decades, DMC Serbia has been winning over European travelers with its tours honoring the warm people, amazing cuisine, rich history and culture and friendly prices of Serbia. Check out https://www.liberty-adriatic.com/dmc-serbia/.

DMC Serbia enables you to visit Serbia’s cities offering a diverse and unique experience for travelers. From the thriving capital Belgrade to the culturally diverse Novi Sad, DMC Serbia will not disappoint you. And while some may like the bustling cities, others may prefer to enjoy the peaceful countryside. Serbia is one of the most forested countries of Europe and boasts an astounding array of herbs growing throughout its forests. Thanks to locals who have been learning how to use them for centuries, tourists can enjoy their medicinal characteristics as part of Serbia’s exquisite cuisine.

dmc serbia

As the birthplace of Petar Karađorđević I, Serbia Serbia is the perfect place to begin your exploration of the rich history of Yugoslavia and who better to take you on a tour than DMC Serbia. The King’s house, while being quite a small building, has been thoroughly renovated and currently houses and at gallery and museum, both dedicated to commemorating the first uprising of the Serbs. Due to the region’s fierce pride in their history, the museum is often visited by locals as well, not only tourists, making it a well-visited destination full of memories and tales told through music and dance.

We at DMC Serbia have an undisputed love of Serbia and its marvels, which makes us the perfect host to take you on this exploration journey around the gem of Eastern Europe. Take our hand and let us open your mind to new horizons.