Residence Permit Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia is located at the heart of Europe, where you can see the Alps and Mediterranean crossing the Pannonian plains and the enchanting Karst. Slovenia is an important tourist spot that’s why people visit the country for different reasons.

Residence Permit Slovenia

If you have already secured a permit to work, you can then start filing your application for your residence permit Slovenia.

As noted, a free movement of workers is observed between Slovenia and all EU member states which means, that if you came from an EU member country, a working permit is no longer needed if you will work in the country, thus, you can apply for any job anytime. However, if you came from a non EU member country, you can only work in the country if you have a work permit issued in accordance with the Slovenian national legislation.

Getting a residence permit Slovenia will last for forty five days (45) and an additional 2 weeks to get your residency card. You will then be able to get the first residence permit Slovenia for the duration of one year.

After securing your resident visa for Slovenia you’re now required to apply for a temporary residency in Slovenia. More so, you’re also required to get insurance. The date of your insurance is your first day of work. You should also submit a proof that you have a secured means of maintenance and is really physically fit.

Members of the European Union will not be given the residence permit Slovenia if you are a threat to the peace and order situation of the country or a financial burden on the country.

Your temporary residence permit Slovenia should be extended per annum. After extending for four years the temporary residency permit you’re now ready to file application for the permanent residence permit Slovenia. Furthermore, you can apply as a citizen of Slovenia after living in Slovenia for 10 years.

If you’re applying for the permanent residence permit Slovenia, your permanent residence registration in your own country will remain binding until such time that the Slovenian permit will be issued.