What you didn’t know about Wentworth Miller

We all know Wentworth Miller, the hot and the refined British actor who played Michael Scofield in the global hit ‘Prison Break’ TV show. He was born on June 2, 1972 in Chipping Norton, England, and moved later with his parents to Brooklyn. He studied English at Princeton University as a way to avoid his inner passion for acting and drama. Until he finally listened to his inner calling and started attending auditions, he worked either as an assistant at a film production company or as a bookstore clerk. He made his debut with a role on another phenomenon show, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ but wanted to reach a more remarkable role. And so he did, in the drama ‘The Human Stain’, where Wentworth Miller plays the complex character of young Silk and breaks through by providing some of the exceptional scenes in the film.

What all of us don’t know is the fact that beside a rich filmography, Wentworth Miller has a tumultuous life spiced with dramatic events and secrets and here are the most scandalous of them:

  • Even if during ‘Prison Break’s run he denied, by the fear of destroying his career, that he is gay, Wentworth Miller revealed his true sexual orientation in a letter to the Saint Petersburg International Film Festival, declining their invitation to be the guest of honor. The reason for his choice is a clear protest against Russia’s treatment towards gay people.
  • Wentworth Miller said he is “deathly” allergic to cats, and he doesn’t like them at all. He even says he is allergic to many other animals, and sometimes to people. For example, he had to film a scene where he gave Dominic Purcell a hug, and he got a rash on his neck after that.
  • The actor tried to get the role to play the Man of Steel, but he didn’t get it. Now, Wentworth Miller dreams to play Superman, so he is waiting for a sequel. It was confirmed, so let’s all keep finger crossed for him.

Things to Do in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a very small town in the north-west of Slovenia. However, the city attracts many tourists, especially people who are passionate about winter sports, hiking, climbing, and mountain baking. For all of them, apartments Kranjska Gora have a great hosting offer.

It is quite easy to arrive in Kranjska Gora: you can do it by the daily buses from Ljubljana, or by private car. After you check-in at the apartments Kranjska Gora, you can start exploring the town.

Apartments Kranjska Gora

Things to do in Kranjska Gora

If you already left your luggage at the apartments Kranjska Gora, you can start enjoying and exploring the area. Since the town is famous for skiing, if it is winter, go and check the mount Vitranc that has many skiing paths. You can ski or snowboard as well; it is totally up to you.

If you are visiting the town during summer, don’t waste time in the apartment Kranjska Gora. Go out and explore as much as you can. You can start a hiking or a cycling route. There are many walking maps available at the info point. Make sure the paths and trails you take are recommended, because there are also many dangerous ones. If a path is marked as difficult, keep in mind you will need to do some scrambling, while the very difficult ones are only for suicidal people!

Also, close to the apartments Kranjska Gora, you will find a bike sharing center, Fun Bike Park. You can always rent a mountain bike and do some special biking trails. You will love it!

Regarding eating and drinking, you can always buy food from the supermarket in the town and cook in the apartments Kranjska Gora, but it is also recommended to try the local restaurants and bars. You will find some nearby the lake, which incredible views and Slovenian food. They also serve European food, but keep in mind that the price is higher than in other places. But for that view, you shouldn’t look at the money. Enjoy!

Opi Nail Polish Colors

When it comes to nail maintenance and glamorizing the nails, the Opi Nail Polish has everything you need for your nails. The Opi Nail Polish has the best formula combined to produce the best nail polish that can give your nails the best treat ever. Furthermore, the Opi Nail Polish Colors are easy to apply and will last longer compared to other nail polish.

The Opi Nail Collections have a wide array of nail polish and nail polish accessories that you can use for your nails. The popular Opi Nail Polish Colors have different colors to choose that will fit any occasion. Each color and shades has its own meaning and stories to tell. Each color can also represent your personality and mood. For instance, women who are hot and flirty will choose bright colors. They can also use glitter on their nails to get attention from other people. Some women who like being simple would choose Opi Nail Polish Colors which have a lighter shade like beige and light pink (and others). The Opi Nail Polish Colors which are dark can give other meanings depending on how the Nail polish is applied. It can also be used to highlight the shape of the nails. The different shades or colors are also used to color the designs made on each nail.

The Opi Nail Polish Colors have colors and shades that look pleasing to the eyes. The pastel colors are among the favorite colors and shades of teenagers. It is also the popular color used by professionals who wants their nails to look neat and well-trimmed.

Choosing and purchasing the Opi Nail Polish can be done through the internet. The internet can give you the website that can help you choose and purchase online the best Opi Nail Polish Colors.

Top Characters of Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage is one of the most popular, loved by fans, actors of the decade. Since he got the roles in the North and South and The Hobbit, he got also international fame, becoming a real hot star. Even if people know him usually from these two productions, Richard actually played in many other movies and TV shows. Also, the latest news is saying that Richard Armitage will also play Batman in the super production Superman vs. Batman, which will be released in 2015.

However, if you, as many other fans, want to know the best characters that Richard Armitage played in his life as an actor, here are the best of them:

  • 7. Bedtime Stories – CBeeBies: There is no woman who could resist to a man who is reading bedtime stories. And if we are talking about Richard Armitage, it is for sure. He is one of our favorite bedtime stories tellers, especially with his sexy voice.
  • 6. The Vicar of Dibley – Harry Kennedy: Richard was so lovely as Harry that he stole everybody’s hearts in this movie. The two episodes aired on Christmas Day 2007 and New Year’s Day 2007.
  • 5. Strick Back – Sgt. John Porter: In this movie, Richard played an ex-SAS soldier who just returned from Iraq, and seeks for revenge for his two friends who died in the war. We all have to admit that Richard made a great role, but he also looks very hot as a soldier.
  • 4. North and South – John Thornton: Probably one of the most famous characters of Richard Armitage, John Thornton is the favorite of many fans. He is intense, deep-set, and with a smile that conquered our hearts.
  • 3. The Hobbit – Thorin Oakenshield: This is the character that brought Richard international fame. However, it is only number three in our top, but only because the next two characters are as good as this one.
  • 2. Spooks – Lucas North: Armitage was very happy to play Lucas, a guy who spent eight years in a prison in Russia. It was a challenge for the actor.
  • 1. Robin Hood – Sir Guy of Gisbourne: No doubt, this is the best role of Richard Armitage. Who can resist to an ambitious, athletic, and loyal man?

Jobs for 17 Year Olds

It is not easy to find the eight jobs for 17 year olds, especially because of the school schedule and the lack of experience. However, there are many companies, and not only, who have this kind of opportunities for teenagers. A job like this will help you understand what responsibility is, and also to get experience in the future.

At your age, you should avoid jobs like car washing, newspaper delivery, or lawn mowing; those are more for 14-15 year olds. Jobs for 17 year olds need to give you some quality experience that will help you get a job when you will be on your own. That is the way you need to search for a job that relates to your and the field you are interested in. It should be serious, and will give you some advantage in the future, against your competitors.

How to find jobs for 17 year olds?

If you feel ready to look for jobs for 17 year olds, remember that 80% of the jobs on the market are not listed. That means you need to have two different approaches when you search for jobs.

The first one, the classic one, is to look into newspapers and on the career websites. You can call and send e-mails, asking for an interview. For the online ones, it is recommended to send the CV via e-mail, while for the ones you find in the newspapers, take your listed resume with you.

The second way to find jobs for 17 year olds is the old pavement pounding, which involves walking on the street and check different places if they need workers. Usually, this works better for teenagers and young people, so you should definitely check stores, restaurants, hotels, and gas stations for work.

The payment

There are different jobs for 17 year olds: some of them will pay you well, others not. For example, if you get a job in a store or a fast food, you will get the minimum wage. If you want a well-paid job, check for work in services, or for jobs where you work on commissions, like sales.

Jobs for 14 year olds

At an early age, children should learn how to value their time and money. This way, they will not waste their time by doing nothing worthwhile instead; they will value their money by spending it wisely. Children should know the importance of work to appreciate every effort their parents exerted to give them what they want. For instance, knowing the importance of work and money can make a 14 year old understands the importance of time and money.

Summer jobs for 14 year olds

There are many jobs for 14 year olds that a fourteen year old can choose and do. These jobs are light and easy to undertake. Jobs for 14 year olds includes working as an errand of an old person who can no longer do the work personally because of some physical defects. On the other hand, working as a service crew in a food chain or snack bar are also easy jobs for 14 year olds. Some of them can work as an assistant or customer aid in an internet shop and other small time businesses. Jobs for 14 year olds can also be working at the school library or at the City library as a student assistant. Other jobs for 14 year olds are cleaning the garden, watering the plants and washing the dishes. They can also collect laundries for a laundry shop.

Jobs for 14 year olds are done on weekends so that it will not disturb you with your school works and activities. It is usually done during summer holidays and summer vacations to keep students busy doing something which they will value as they grow older each day. This can also give students a chance to earn their own money, which they can set aside as their savings or which they can use to buy their personal things.

Bruno Mars Girlfriend

It is not a secret anymore that Bruno Mars has a strong relationship with the model Jessica Caban. They presented themselves as a couple for the first time at the Grammy ceremony, in January 2014, but after that the two hotties were seen together quite often. The fans of the singer got used with Bruno Mars girlfriend, but they still want to know everything about her.

If you also want to find out more things about Jessica Caban, we prepared here eight curiosities about Bruno Mars girlfriend that every fan must know:

  • Jessica was born on 13th of June 1982, in New York City, from two Puerto Rican parents. She grew up in the Spanish Harlem of New York.
  • The couple started to date in 2011, but nobody knew about it.
  • Bruno Mars girlfriend started her career as a model in 2002. She was lucky enough, and after a national search for models, she had the chance to present for Jennifer Lopez’ clothes line, names “J-LO”.
  • Jessica Caban became famous after she competed in a reality show for models, on Si TV, called Model Latina. It happened in 2008, and the Puerto Rican model convinced the jury and the fans with her beauty; she was crowned as the wined of the show, winning a contract for the Q Management model agency, which worth $10.000.
  • Slowly, Bruno Mars girlfriend wants to take the acting road. In 2003, she acted for a Proyecto Uno music video, “Holla”.
  • That is how, in 2010, Jessica managed to have her debut as an actress, in the production “Are you for great sex?”. Later, the movie got a new name, “Shades of love”. In this film, Bruno Mars girlfriend played Thea Gala Larson, and got two important awards: at the International Film Festival in Boston 2010 – Best Acting Performance in a Feature Film, and Best Actress at the Hoboken International Film Festival.
  • Jessica moved to L.A. in 2012, to be with Bruno. The couple shares $3 million Bruno’s mansion.
  • Bruno Mars girlfriend has a really good relationship with the singer’s sister.

Hairstyles Over 50

Some people say that the best hairstyles over 50 is the short hairstyle or haircut, however, hairstyles over 50 can also be a long hairstyle. For short hairstyles, the bob cut and pixie cuts are always considered and have been very popular in the 1950’s or for as long as I can remember it. Women on the go, especially the celebrities wore hairstyles over 50 because it is easy to manage and to maintain. The pixie cut can be gelled to give a wet look style which can make her look cool and sophisticated. The layered bob cut with a bangs can make you look years younger. Furthermore, to give the hair a striking effect, color can be added to some strands of the hair. A razor trimmed hair with edgy bangs is also a great hairstyle.

Hairstyles over 50

For long haired women, a trendy layered hairstyle that extends downward from her shoulders can make her look more feminine. Other hairstyles over 50 can have the hair piled up like a bun on the head. It can also be tied at the back (resembling a ponytail) to make you look younger. Hairstyles over 50 also recommend a shoulder length hairstyle with sidewise bangs. The long wavy hairstyle that extends up to the shoulders can also give you a sexy and feminine look.

Nail Polish Organizer

A nail polish organizer is just the right stuff where you can keep, pile or arrange your nail polish. This can save you the hassles of finding and digging up the color or kind of nail polish that you want on specific time. With a nail polish organizer you can arrange the nail polish according to its color, date purchased or any way you want. The nail polish organizer can also make your stuff organize and easy to handle.

Nail polish organizer is a handy and easy to carry container or a rack where you can pile 10 or more nail polish bottles and other nail accessories. This nail polish organizer has different styles. Each organizer is designed to carry a specific number of nail polish bottles. The most common nail polish organizer is a table top organizer where you can pile the nail polish bottles. It can also be used as a decoration which displays the different nail polish that you have used.

The nail polish organizer is also very useful in the parlors or in any beauty salon. It is easy to carry and it can carry everything you need in giving services to your customers. The organizer can make your work fast because it will spare you the burden of always looking for things that you need.

Jobs for 14 year olds

At 14, your children can start working legally. Of course, there are many laws and rules to protect the children and they can work only certain work types, and for limited hours. But it is still a good thing, because teenagers will start learning what responsibility is and they will value more the money, since they had to work for it. There are many jobs for 14 year olds; you just need to find the right one for your kid.

Remember, it is important that jobs for 14 year olds to be fun, easy to do, and very safe. The child shouldn’t get very tired, shouldn’t work too late or during school classes.

If you are looking for a working opportunity for your kids, you should know jobs for 14 year olds:

  • Newspaper delivery – also known as paper girl or paper boy, is the most common job for teenagers;
  • Food service in a restaurant or café (including limited cooking, washing, and cleaning);
  • Racking leaves and gardening for neighbors or in public parks;
  • Car washing (but not in a garage) – you can start with friends and neighbors;
  • Domestic work in hotels, during holidays, helping in the kitchen or with the cleaning;
  • Watering neighbors plants and animals feeding;
  • Dogs walking – it is a great job if your kid loves animals;
  • Office work.

Another solution could be an internship or a placement job that will give your kid the opportunity to gain professional experience in a specific field. As the name says, it is not a job for money, but the teenagers will have the chance to experience what a real job is.

There are many other jobs for 14 year olds. You can check specific websites, ask your friends and neighbors, or talk with the school career officer, who may guide you through the entire process. Also, it is important to know that jobs for 14 year olds require a working permit. You can get it from the school career office. As for paychecks, the minimum salary for teenagers can start at £3 per hour, but it can go up.