My Favorite Istria Tour

Istria hides much beauty and undiscovered places that always surprise me. In particular, wandering through Istria I look forward to culinary experiences. Region is full of excellent native ingredients which are changing during the year.

Usually my Istria tour starts with a tasting of olive oil. In Istria olive oil achieves one of the highest qualities in the world. I always try olive oil at different manufacturer; I am always surprised in the differences in flavors and colors. You can read more about it at website.

Olive is the oldest known tree planted on Earth that existed before about 6,000 years ago. It is a symbol of the Mediterranean countries and the warm climate, which has found its habitat. Olive branch is a symbol of peace, olive oil, due to its characteristics symbol of long life and good health and irreplaceable element of each Mediterranean dishes.

Of course there is no tour in Istria without tasting fine wine of which the best known is Istrian Malvasia. Malvasia is a wine with large floral – fruity flavor potential. Specific discreet aroma that is reminiscent of the scent of acacia blossom, especially when the grapes grow in sunny areas. It has a fruity scent, usually dominated by apples, plums and apricots in a mature wine can feel the smell of bitter almonds. Malvasia is a straw yellow color with a golden hue, which depends on the technological processing.

When you begin your Istria tour always visits winemakers, whom I have visited on this day too. For several years I visit Istria and its beauty, but winemakers still has not run out. There are plenty of them in Istria. Sometimes I visit a modern cellar with a hint of familiarity, but sometimes I visit totally unknown wine producers, which gladly offer me a drop of wine on which they are very proud.

Istria tour, as I do, always contains a gourmet lunch, which here in Istria, I cannot resist. The menu is customized depending on season. Sometimes I reach in the marine dishes, which is very nice with fresh Istrian Malvasia. I like to combine a variety of dishes with truffles, which are a culinary specialty of Istria and my tour almost never passes without tasting them. If I feel like venturing red wine I decide for meat dishes. Istria is known by very characteristic protected Istrian cattle boškarin, which was just before the extinction, but now, we can find it on the plates of the best restaurants in Croatia. To boškarinu fits perfectly Istrian Teran with its robust character and a strong red color and the scent of raspberries. Of course, I never leave without great desserts, it is the hardest thing to give up those which are prepared with truffles and they are really something special. With desserts I always drink a glass of Muscat momljanski which always fascinated me with its aroma and flavor.

If I still have a time I finish Istria tour with a walk through the old Istrian villages. Sometimes I visit Motovun or Grožnjan. Along the river Mirna is certainly the most attractive and certainly the most famous Istrian medieval town called Motovun which is one of the symbols of Istria. There is interesting Romanesque-Gothic bell tower from the early 13th century and the Parish Church of St. Stephen from the beginning of 17th century. My favorite townis Grožnjan which is located just 20 kilometers away from Umag and in the summer there is the center of musicians and artists from all over the world. During the winter months there is a particularly nice because it is an idyllic location peaceful and quiet, which I always assume.

But when I feel like a more peaceful conclusions me Istria tour I finish it in small villages as Kaštelir or Brtonigla. There I visit the local production of high-quality honey and take it home a glass. Honey with its taste and smell reminds me of Istria at home.

If you ever go on Istria tour I have listed the things that you need to try and places that you must visit, because without them, Istria and the true Istria.