Hairstyles for Black Women 2014

Hairstyles for black women 2014 are a collection of the different hairstyles and haircuts that can suit different types and texture of the hair. Black women are blessed to have a shiny black hair. Its color is black as the night which perfectly blends the hairstyles these ladies will choose. Hairstyles for black women 2014 can be applied for hair that is straight or frizzy or curly and for hair that is either long or short.

For a long and wavy hair, hairstyles for black women 2014 can have the hair flowing or hanging loosely. It is parted in the middle showing the black roots of her hair while the rest of the hair strand has light to dark shades of brown, giving her a sophisticated look. Hairstyles for black women 2014 also went for a messed up shoulder-length hairstyle with a bangs. This hairstyle will suit an oval face because it can shorten the length of the face. Another style for a shoulder length hair can be a long bob with the edges of the hair grazing lazily on the collarbones.

The cropped up or closed cropped are hairstyles for black women 2014. These hairstyles are easy to manage and can make her look sophisticated. Other pixie cuts include the spiked pixie which can give her a retro appeal and the boyish pixie

Other hairstyles for black women 2014 is the patterned cornrows in which the hair is delicately braided into little braids. This hairstyle makes her look more feminine and glamorous. Longer hair can also be braided and piled at the crown of the head. A braided low bun is perfect during summer because the hair is securely arranged keeping the hair away from the face. It is also a great hairstyle to wear if you are working.