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DMC Serbia for exploring the undiscovered gem of Eastern Europe

Once a kingdom, then the capital of Yugoslavia, Serbia has a historical role in the development of the Adriatic region. For the last decades, DMC Serbia has been winning over European travelers with its tours honoring the warm people, amazing cuisine, rich history and culture and friendly prices of Serbia. Check out

DMC Serbia enables you to visit Serbia’s cities offering a diverse and unique experience for travelers. From the thriving capital Belgrade to the culturally diverse Novi Sad, DMC Serbia will not disappoint you. And while some may like the bustling cities, others may prefer to enjoy the peaceful countryside. Serbia is one of the most forested countries of Europe and boasts an astounding array of herbs growing throughout its forests. Thanks to locals who have been learning how to use them for centuries, tourists can enjoy their medicinal characteristics as part of Serbia’s exquisite cuisine.

dmc serbia

As the birthplace of Petar Karađorđević I, Serbia Serbia is the perfect place to begin your exploration of the rich history of Yugoslavia and who better to take you on a tour than DMC Serbia. The King’s house, while being quite a small building, has been thoroughly renovated and currently houses and at gallery and museum, both dedicated to commemorating the first uprising of the Serbs. Due to the region’s fierce pride in their history, the museum is often visited by locals as well, not only tourists, making it a well-visited destination full of memories and tales told through music and dance.

We at DMC Serbia have an undisputed love of Serbia and its marvels, which makes us the perfect host to take you on this exploration journey around the gem of Eastern Europe. Take our hand and let us open your mind to new horizons.

Escape room in Ljubljana for a fun experience

Escape room in Ljubljana is a fun place to discover another side of yourself and your friends and familiy. It is a unique test of your abilities to find new solutions to different problems. You have a limited amount of time to solve riddles and codes, to find hidden hints and, finally, unlock the door to your freedom. Escape room in Ljubljana is a great way to find new friends or to deepen the existing relationships. It is an entertaining place to go, when you want to spend some free time to curl your brain with new puzzles.

escape room in Ljubljana

Escape room in Ljubljana represents a reality game with you and your partners as main characters. You have limited time to solve the problem and escape the room. Escape room in Ljubljana offers you a thrilling experience, just like from a Hollywood movie. Escape room Mindmaze has prepared two different rooms for you – to test you logical and emotional abilities. The first room takes you back to 16. century, to search for a golden egg of a dragon, which has the ability to make gold out of copper. We invite you to escape the room to see if the legend of a dragon is true for yourself. The other room drives you back to the ending of second world war, when Slovenia was still surrounded by barbed wire. Ljubljana can be saved only by Franc Laibach, who needs your skills, help and resourcefulness. Help him to decode the enigma and unlock the locks to freedom.

At first sight it may look like an easy experience, but as competition kicks in, you fall into a deep rollercoaster of timing, place and people. To ecsape the actual escape room in Ljubljana, you will need intelligence, a great group of friend and, what is even more important, good communication skills.

Residence Permit Slovenia

The Republic of Slovenia is located at the heart of Europe, where you can see the Alps and Mediterranean crossing the Pannonian plains and the enchanting Karst. Slovenia is an important tourist spot that’s why people visit the country for different reasons.

Residence Permit Slovenia

If you have already secured a permit to work, you can then start filing your application for your residence permit Slovenia.

As noted, a free movement of workers is observed between Slovenia and all EU member states which means, that if you came from an EU member country, a working permit is no longer needed if you will work in the country, thus, you can apply for any job anytime. However, if you came from a non EU member country, you can only work in the country if you have a work permit issued in accordance with the Slovenian national legislation.

Getting a residence permit Slovenia will last for forty five days (45) and an additional 2 weeks to get your residency card. You will then be able to get the first residence permit Slovenia for the duration of one year.

After securing your resident visa for Slovenia you’re now required to apply for a temporary residency in Slovenia. More so, you’re also required to get insurance. The date of your insurance is your first day of work. You should also submit a proof that you have a secured means of maintenance and is really physically fit.

Members of the European Union will not be given the residence permit Slovenia if you are a threat to the peace and order situation of the country or a financial burden on the country.

Your temporary residence permit Slovenia should be extended per annum. After extending for four years the temporary residency permit you’re now ready to file application for the permanent residence permit Slovenia. Furthermore, you can apply as a citizen of Slovenia after living in Slovenia for 10 years.

If you’re applying for the permanent residence permit Slovenia, your permanent residence registration in your own country will remain binding until such time that the Slovenian permit will be issued.

My Favorite Istria Tour

Istria hides much beauty and undiscovered places that always surprise me. In particular, wandering through Istria I look forward to culinary experiences. Region is full of excellent native ingredients which are changing during the year.

Usually my Istria tour starts with a tasting of olive oil. In Istria olive oil achieves one of the highest qualities in the world. I always try olive oil at different manufacturer; I am always surprised in the differences in flavors and colors. You can read more about it at website.

Olive is the oldest known tree planted on Earth that existed before about 6,000 years ago. It is a symbol of the Mediterranean countries and the warm climate, which has found its habitat. Olive branch is a symbol of peace, olive oil, due to its characteristics symbol of long life and good health and irreplaceable element of each Mediterranean dishes.

Of course there is no tour in Istria without tasting fine wine of which the best known is Istrian Malvasia. Malvasia is a wine with large floral – fruity flavor potential. Specific discreet aroma that is reminiscent of the scent of acacia blossom, especially when the grapes grow in sunny areas. It has a fruity scent, usually dominated by apples, plums and apricots in a mature wine can feel the smell of bitter almonds. Malvasia is a straw yellow color with a golden hue, which depends on the technological processing.

When you begin your Istria tour always visits winemakers, whom I have visited on this day too. For several years I visit Istria and its beauty, but winemakers still has not run out. There are plenty of them in Istria. Sometimes I visit a modern cellar with a hint of familiarity, but sometimes I visit totally unknown wine producers, which gladly offer me a drop of wine on which they are very proud.

Istria tour, as I do, always contains a gourmet lunch, which here in Istria, I cannot resist. The menu is customized depending on season. Sometimes I reach in the marine dishes, which is very nice with fresh Istrian Malvasia. I like to combine a variety of dishes with truffles, which are a culinary specialty of Istria and my tour almost never passes without tasting them. If I feel like venturing red wine I decide for meat dishes. Istria is known by very characteristic protected Istrian cattle boškarin, which was just before the extinction, but now, we can find it on the plates of the best restaurants in Croatia. To boškarinu fits perfectly Istrian Teran with its robust character and a strong red color and the scent of raspberries. Of course, I never leave without great desserts, it is the hardest thing to give up those which are prepared with truffles and they are really something special. With desserts I always drink a glass of Muscat momljanski which always fascinated me with its aroma and flavor.

If I still have a time I finish Istria tour with a walk through the old Istrian villages. Sometimes I visit Motovun or Grožnjan. Along the river Mirna is certainly the most attractive and certainly the most famous Istrian medieval town called Motovun which is one of the symbols of Istria. There is interesting Romanesque-Gothic bell tower from the early 13th century and the Parish Church of St. Stephen from the beginning of 17th century. My favorite townis Grožnjan which is located just 20 kilometers away from Umag and in the summer there is the center of musicians and artists from all over the world. During the winter months there is a particularly nice because it is an idyllic location peaceful and quiet, which I always assume.

But when I feel like a more peaceful conclusions me Istria tour I finish it in small villages as Kaštelir or Brtonigla. There I visit the local production of high-quality honey and take it home a glass. Honey with its taste and smell reminds me of Istria at home.

If you ever go on Istria tour I have listed the things that you need to try and places that you must visit, because without them, Istria and the true Istria.

Holidays in Soča valley

The town of Bovec in Slovenia lies in the Soča valley. It is well known for its cultural heritage and stunning scenery. The river Soča is the country’s cleanliest river and is considered one of Europe’s most beautiful rivers.

Holidays in Soča valley

Spending Holidays in Soča valley and Bovec is perfect for all kinds of tourist from elderly couples to active tourist. Wide variety of actions like swimming, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, bungee jumping paragliding, golf, horse riding and many more will make your holidays really worth while. Bovec which is the center town of Soča valley offers local dishes made from the best natural ingredients. The town and the area is very rich in cultural heritage and war museum in the town is one finest around, it centers most around the WW1 since the valley was an important strategic battle point.

Accommodation and apartments are not hard to find but make your reservation soon enough. Apartments Bovec offer a nice alternative to hotels and are really affordable. Apartments Skok is one of them. The apartment house is a family run and offers quite a few really nice rooms. Garden in the back of the house is perfect for kids to play on and even pets will enjoy the staying.

If you have not heard about Bovec and Soča valley, you should definitely check it out. Proximity of the capital town of Ljubljana and Slovenian seaside is perfect since you can visit the whole country in a really short time-span. If you are still not sure I suggest that you Google search for pictures of Bovec and Soča and you will see what I’m talking about.

Apartments Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. Its strategic location makes Ljubljana the center of industry, scientific and research institutions and cultural tradition. Because of this many people go to Ljubljana either for business or pleasure.

Staying in one of the Apartments in Ljubljana makes it easy for you to enjoy Slovenia. Slovenia is one of the perfect tourist destinations. Its location makes it an ideal place for you to ski in the morning. Another important feature is the Adriatic Sea which is a scene to behold. It is another perfect place where you can spend one lazy afternoon.

Ljubljana has an array of Apartment that any visitors or tourists can rent as he stays in Ljubljana. Apartments Ljubljana are also available to people who plan to move and live permanently in Ljubljana. Apartments Ljubljana are home away from home, where you can stay comfortable for days or months. Apartments Ljubljana have complete facilities that you can use.

Although there are hotels in Ljubljana, where you can opt to stay, Apartments Ljubljana offers many advantages. Apartments Ljubljana rental is cheaper than that of the hotel. The price you paid for a day or two can be adjusted if you opt to extend or lengthen your stay for another month or year. It has a free wi-fi internet connection. Apartments Ljubljana is fully furnished and is ready to occupy anytime you want.

Ljubljana has apartments that come in different designs and sizes. It has different accommodations to choose. Some unit has only one bedroom and can only accommodate one person. Rental for each apartment will depend on the floor area and the number of bedrooms that you will choose. For a complete list of the best apartments in Ljubljana with its rates, you can just visit the internet

Things to Do in Kranjska Gora

Kranjska Gora is a very small town in the north-west of Slovenia. However, the city attracts many tourists, especially people who are passionate about winter sports, hiking, climbing, and mountain baking. For all of them, apartments Kranjska Gora have a great hosting offer.

It is quite easy to arrive in Kranjska Gora: you can do it by the daily buses from Ljubljana, or by private car. After you check-in at the apartments Kranjska Gora, you can start exploring the town.

Apartments Kranjska Gora

Things to do in Kranjska Gora

If you already left your luggage at the apartments Kranjska Gora, you can start enjoying and exploring the area. Since the town is famous for skiing, if it is winter, go and check the mount Vitranc that has many skiing paths. You can ski or snowboard as well; it is totally up to you.

If you are visiting the town during summer, don’t waste time in the apartment Kranjska Gora. Go out and explore as much as you can. You can start a hiking or a cycling route. There are many walking maps available at the info point. Make sure the paths and trails you take are recommended, because there are also many dangerous ones. If a path is marked as difficult, keep in mind you will need to do some scrambling, while the very difficult ones are only for suicidal people!

Also, close to the apartments Kranjska Gora, you will find a bike sharing center, Fun Bike Park. You can always rent a mountain bike and do some special biking trails. You will love it!

Regarding eating and drinking, you can always buy food from the supermarket in the town and cook in the apartments Kranjska Gora, but it is also recommended to try the local restaurants and bars. You will find some nearby the lake, which incredible views and Slovenian food. They also serve European food, but keep in mind that the price is higher than in other places. But for that view, you shouldn’t look at the money. Enjoy!