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Are you searching for a competitive advantage?

Altitude training offers great advantages to every athlete (look Even moderate altitude training can have a very positive and significant effect on your athletic performance.

What are the benefits of high altitude exposure for athletes? When we expose our bodies to a higher altitude, the body accomodates itself to a lower level of oxygen available  in the atmosphere. This process is also called acclimatisation. Changes that happen during this process, improve the delivery of oxygen to athlete’s muscles. Altitude training improves overall sports performance, reduces regeneration time and speeds up tissue recovery. It enhances physical fitness, strengthens body health and helps lose weight.

altitude training

Of course, sometimes training at a high altitude becomes impossible. High mountains aren’t available in every part of our world. It would also take a lot of time to get up to the top every day, without unnecessary time loss. This is exactly why our services are so great. We offer different types of equipment (portable, stationary and equine), which enables our clients to train at a simulated altitude. You can buy or rent the equipment, which consists of generators, tents and different accessories (pulseoxymeters, masks, filters, adapters etc.).

The equipment used depends on the type of altitude training used. Athletes can perform altitude sleeping, altitude training, intermittent hypoxic training and training with oxygen. Every type of training has its benefits  – every type of training at a high altitude increases transport of oxygen to cells and muscles. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It also helps lose weight and decreases calorie consumption. Besides helping the body tissues regeneration, training at an altitude also helps our mental state – it reduces stressand depression and helps treat asthma.

This kind of training isn’t only benefitial to athletes. It can be benefitial to anyone, trying to improve their health and well being.


Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Having a thin hair is a true nightmare for all ladies out there as we all dream about the hair that will be so great in volume and attract attention of the men all the time. If you are one of those women who are struggling with thin hair, here you can find some of the hairstyles over 50 just love.

Hairstyles for long thin hair women

Long thin hair can really be a true nightmare when t comes to styling and maintaining it, because it seems almost lifeless. However there are a few tips and trick you should take into consideration when it comes to styling long thin hair and making one of the hairstyles for women over 50 can deal with. What is the most important thing we seek in our hairstyle? Volume? Fine Texture? All of this! Exactly! So in order to make your long hair a bit more voluminous and add some strength to it you should get one of those huge layers, because layers are there to help you with the lack of volume in a completely natural way. It is also important to say that layers are suitable for all face shapes so you don’t have to worry that you will look kind of awkward with your hairstyles for women over 50.

In addition, here’s an advice on how to get a hairstyle that will make you look even more open-minded and friendly yet wild at the same time – the secret is hidden in the uneven layers that will give you the funky look if you combine them with some of the bangs – especially with smaller asymmetric bangs.

Hairstyles for medium length thin hair women

Hairstyles for thin hair women appreciate most are those hairstyles based on medium length hair. Why? You may wonder. Well, the secret is hidden in the very fact that medium length hair can ac both as long and as short hair which makes it ideal for the ladies that do not have time or money to visit the hairdresser regularly. With medium length hair you can make braids and thus get one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 50 like to wear in almost all occasions. Even a simple ponytail would look elegant.

Hairstyles for short thin hair women

Having short thin hairstyle is a true blessing. If thin hair can look good in any way, it is with those cute short hairstyles. What could you do to get one of those short hairstyles that will be modern and trendy? Well, for starters you could get smaller bangs or even uneven longer bangs and look absolutely attractive. Also don’t forget about the pixie haircut.

Popular short hairstyles for women over 50

Latest fashion trends exaggerate the outside beauty in its every single detail. Not only clothes do make you feel pretty and wonderful, but also the most unique and stylish haircut. If you are not sure what can you make with your hair at the moment, keep reading this article or even better, visit SHO50 website.

Short hairstyles for women over 50 are there to make the completeness of your physical look. What do these short hairstyles for women over 50 mean? First your hairdresser makes your natural hair look fresh and then hair extensions are added to it in a way you prefer. These hair extensions are very popular these days because they solve any problem women have with their hair. It is possible for you to have ANY haircut in a half an hour. Does it sound great?

Natural look with extensions

If you only want to deal with your hair structure and length, don’t worry. It also could be done with short hairstyles for women over 50. Use extensions to frame your face (use natural once the same as the color of your hair) and use them to make more structure at the crown of your hair. It will look very natural and, on the other hand, it will cover all the faults. You will look great in no time!

Popular bob

If your hair is short, there are short hairstyles for women over 50 which will do the trick with it. The most popular of all short hairstyles for women over 50 is bob. It extends the length of your hair and beautifully frames your face. You will be a different person and the effect you want to accomplish will be done. You can also play with the color of the extensions if you want. Adding lighter locks or even gluing very, very noticeable once will make you look very trendy.


Your quick weave hairstyles don’t need to be straight. You can add curls as well. If your haircut is already curled, adding some curled hair extensions will make it look more stressed up and stylish. You can also choose between the color of your hair and lighter/darker hair extensions.

Tory Space Hairstyles

More and more women prefer to have their hair cut to a medium length due to the fact that it’s very practical and also very fun. Once you pick out any of the styles available, you won’t need to worry about the way looks every moment, especially if you lead a busy life. In addition to this, medium length hair styles don’t require a lot of time to be arranged every day because they fall in a very simple and easy way, sometimes even above your shoulders. Therefore, you should firstly think about the size of these tory space hairstyles that you want to get considering the fact that there are more types of styles that you can have done. One of the styles that you could try is very popular, being represented by the medium bob. Despite the fact that you might be used to the traditional way in which the bob looks, you will be surprised to see that the recent trend includes straight bobs. As you can probably figure out by yourself, these new bobs involve straight cuts instead of the typical angled ones. These medium length hair styles are great because they can be also tried out by women with round-shaped faces. At the same time, these bobs make the most out of your texture, providing you with a very modern and fresh look. Choosing this kind of will instantly make you feel full of energy. Layered medium length hair styles also represent great choices because they can add a lot of volume and definition to any kind of. If you want to achieve these elements through your look, you should definitely consider these styles when you are getting your cut. Other medium length hair styles are based on changing the texture of hair. Girls with straight hair should go for wide and loose curls that create a bouncy effect at the ends. You will not only achieve an attractive look, but also be part of the latest trend. Getting a wavy texture is very popular as well, due to the fact that your hair will benefit from a lot of volume. As you can see, each of the styles available has something special about them. Therefore, you should take them into consideration before visiting the hairdresser again and you might just benefit from a youthful and fresh appearance.

Hairstyles for round faces 2015

This is the easiest hair style you can use! If your hair is long, or something else than short, you must pay attention to this advices! Your face is the thing you must put in the first place!

There is no time for waiting on others opinion

It is your way to soul! Use this perfect face shape and find a new way of shine in your modest life! Hairstyles for round faces 2015 are made for you and your transformation spirit! This will be something that will put you on the red carpet! With long bangs! Or with small bangs! Hairstyles for round faces 2015 are bringing back all the years of bed luck in hair style and now they are making all of this hurry special and easy!

For your better picture!

Hairstyles for round faces 2015 are not a risk for you! It is a change that leads to perfection! You must have been tired looking for something good for your face shape, now there are more solutions for you with hairstyles for round faces 2015! Keep your smile, bring joy to your life! Call your friends to coffee, tell everyone your new call, and surprise them with new sexy look! Life brings us time for new things, on rear occasions, this is one of them!

Little punk head!

Hairstyles for round faces 2015 are cool and vintage! It is a pixie hair style, and a bob haircut! You must be proud because those two hair styles! It is the most fashionable hair style this year! Look at the movie and other famous stars? One thing is common to all of them, and that is their hair look! And that is fabulous and extravagant hair shine! Play with your sex appeal! The time is now!

Hairstyles 2014

Now as the year is passing too fast you will see that the trend will be soon changing and finally you will be having something different in the trend as the time is passing the air of change has started to blow and it will blow harder by the end of this year. In year 2014 people are willing to get the hair cuts in different lengths, most of them will be medium length hairstyles 2014. Medium length hair cuts 2014 will be cool no doubt but yet we need them to be trendy hairstyles 2014.

The trendy hairstyles 2014 will be cool and of different length. You will almost find all length hairs styles in fashion and of course you will love to see almost all the lengths in fashion. So it is very trendy hairstyles 2014. You will never have seen something trendier than you will see the trendy hairstyles 2014. This is because that it is never seen that all length hair styles are in fashion at the same time it will be the first time at it will be great.

These will be called as trendy hairstyles 2014 because every one will be following its own trend and no one will be bound to follow the same trend. More it will be seen that the trendy hairstyles 2014 will hit the fashion industry real hard because you see that what any one will like to do a hair style will be called a trend that’s hwy they will be called as the trendy hairstyles 2014. The more variations you will bring to you hair cuts the more you will be called as keeping the trendy hairstyles 2014.

Being trendy is fun and people love to be trendy in all ways. So the hair cuts the next year are real going to be very trendy and very one will love it. The length will be that long that one please and what more good a fashion trend can do for people. So this is going to blow hard and he trend seems to last a long. Every one will up to the basic need of what they want and that’s what the fashion will be called so if you want to look trendy too you need to be that trendy the way you want to be and that will be the fashion scene next year.

Hairstyles for Black Women 2014

Hairstyles for black women 2014 are a collection of the different hairstyles and haircuts that can suit different types and texture of the hair. Black women are blessed to have a shiny black hair. Its color is black as the night which perfectly blends the hairstyles these ladies will choose. Hairstyles for black women 2014 can be applied for hair that is straight or frizzy or curly and for hair that is either long or short.

For a long and wavy hair, hairstyles for black women 2014 can have the hair flowing or hanging loosely. It is parted in the middle showing the black roots of her hair while the rest of the hair strand has light to dark shades of brown, giving her a sophisticated look. Hairstyles for black women 2014 also went for a messed up shoulder-length hairstyle with a bangs. This hairstyle will suit an oval face because it can shorten the length of the face. Another style for a shoulder length hair can be a long bob with the edges of the hair grazing lazily on the collarbones.

The cropped up or closed cropped are hairstyles for black women 2014. These hairstyles are easy to manage and can make her look sophisticated. Other pixie cuts include the spiked pixie which can give her a retro appeal and the boyish pixie

Other hairstyles for black women 2014 is the patterned cornrows in which the hair is delicately braided into little braids. This hairstyle makes her look more feminine and glamorous. Longer hair can also be braided and piled at the crown of the head. A braided low bun is perfect during summer because the hair is securely arranged keeping the hair away from the face. It is also a great hairstyle to wear if you are working.

Opi Nail Polish Colors

When it comes to nail maintenance and glamorizing the nails, the Opi Nail Polish has everything you need for your nails. The Opi Nail Polish has the best formula combined to produce the best nail polish that can give your nails the best treat ever. Furthermore, the Opi Nail Polish Colors are easy to apply and will last longer compared to other nail polish.

The Opi Nail Collections have a wide array of nail polish and nail polish accessories that you can use for your nails. The popular Opi Nail Polish Colors have different colors to choose that will fit any occasion. Each color and shades has its own meaning and stories to tell. Each color can also represent your personality and mood. For instance, women who are hot and flirty will choose bright colors. They can also use glitter on their nails to get attention from other people. Some women who like being simple would choose Opi Nail Polish Colors which have a lighter shade like beige and light pink (and others). The Opi Nail Polish Colors which are dark can give other meanings depending on how the Nail polish is applied. It can also be used to highlight the shape of the nails. The different shades or colors are also used to color the designs made on each nail.

The Opi Nail Polish Colors have colors and shades that look pleasing to the eyes. The pastel colors are among the favorite colors and shades of teenagers. It is also the popular color used by professionals who wants their nails to look neat and well-trimmed.

Choosing and purchasing the Opi Nail Polish can be done through the internet. The internet can give you the website that can help you choose and purchase online the best Opi Nail Polish Colors.

Hairstyles Over 50

Some people say that the best hairstyles over 50 is the short hairstyle or haircut, however, hairstyles over 50 can also be a long hairstyle. For short hairstyles, the bob cut and pixie cuts are always considered and have been very popular in the 1950’s or for as long as I can remember it. Women on the go, especially the celebrities wore hairstyles over 50 because it is easy to manage and to maintain. The pixie cut can be gelled to give a wet look style which can make her look cool and sophisticated. The layered bob cut with a bangs can make you look years younger. Furthermore, to give the hair a striking effect, color can be added to some strands of the hair. A razor trimmed hair with edgy bangs is also a great hairstyle.

Hairstyles over 50

For long haired women, a trendy layered hairstyle that extends downward from her shoulders can make her look more feminine. Other hairstyles over 50 can have the hair piled up like a bun on the head. It can also be tied at the back (resembling a ponytail) to make you look younger. Hairstyles over 50 also recommend a shoulder length hairstyle with sidewise bangs. The long wavy hairstyle that extends up to the shoulders can also give you a sexy and feminine look.

Nail Polish Organizer

A nail polish organizer is just the right stuff where you can keep, pile or arrange your nail polish. This can save you the hassles of finding and digging up the color or kind of nail polish that you want on specific time. With a nail polish organizer you can arrange the nail polish according to its color, date purchased or any way you want. The nail polish organizer can also make your stuff organize and easy to handle.

Nail polish organizer is a handy and easy to carry container or a rack where you can pile 10 or more nail polish bottles and other nail accessories. This nail polish organizer has different styles. Each organizer is designed to carry a specific number of nail polish bottles. The most common nail polish organizer is a table top organizer where you can pile the nail polish bottles. It can also be used as a decoration which displays the different nail polish that you have used.

The nail polish organizer is also very useful in the parlors or in any beauty salon. It is easy to carry and it can carry everything you need in giving services to your customers. The organizer can make your work fast because it will spare you the burden of always looking for things that you need.