Bruno Mars Girlfriend

It is not a secret anymore that Bruno Mars has a strong relationship with the model Jessica Caban. They presented themselves as a couple for the first time at the Grammy ceremony, in January 2014, but after that the two hotties were seen together quite often. The fans of the singer got used with Bruno Mars girlfriend, but they still want to know everything about her.

If you also want to find out more things about Jessica Caban, we prepared here eight curiosities about Bruno Mars girlfriend that every fan must know:

  • Jessica was born on 13th of June 1982, in New York City, from two Puerto Rican parents. She grew up in the Spanish Harlem of New York.
  • The couple started to date in 2011, but nobody knew about it.
  • Bruno Mars girlfriend started her career as a model in 2002. She was lucky enough, and after a national search for models, she had the chance to present for Jennifer Lopez’ clothes line, names “J-LO”.
  • Jessica Caban became famous after she competed in a reality show for models, on Si TV, called Model Latina. It happened in 2008, and the Puerto Rican model convinced the jury and the fans with her beauty; she was crowned as the wined of the show, winning a contract for the Q Management model agency, which worth $10.000.
  • Slowly, Bruno Mars girlfriend wants to take the acting road. In 2003, she acted for a Proyecto Uno music video, “Holla”.
  • That is how, in 2010, Jessica managed to have her debut as an actress, in the production “Are you for great sex?”. Later, the movie got a new name, “Shades of love”. In this film, Bruno Mars girlfriend played Thea Gala Larson, and got two important awards: at the International Film Festival in Boston 2010 – Best Acting Performance in a Feature Film, and Best Actress at the Hoboken International Film Festival.
  • Jessica moved to L.A. in 2012, to be with Bruno. The couple shares $3 million Bruno’s mansion.
  • Bruno Mars girlfriend has a really good relationship with the singer’s sister.