Are you searching for a competitive advantage?

Altitude training offers great advantages to every athlete (look Even moderate altitude training can have a very positive and significant effect on your athletic performance.

What are the benefits of high altitude exposure for athletes? When we expose our bodies to a higher altitude, the body accomodates itself to a lower level of oxygen available  in the atmosphere. This process is also called acclimatisation. Changes that happen during this process, improve the delivery of oxygen to athlete’s muscles. Altitude training improves overall sports performance, reduces regeneration time and speeds up tissue recovery. It enhances physical fitness, strengthens body health and helps lose weight.

altitude training

Of course, sometimes training at a high altitude becomes impossible. High mountains aren’t available in every part of our world. It would also take a lot of time to get up to the top every day, without unnecessary time loss. This is exactly why our services are so great. We offer different types of equipment (portable, stationary and equine), which enables our clients to train at a simulated altitude. You can buy or rent the equipment, which consists of generators, tents and different accessories (pulseoxymeters, masks, filters, adapters etc.).

The equipment used depends on the type of altitude training used. Athletes can perform altitude sleeping, altitude training, intermittent hypoxic training and training with oxygen. Every type of training has its benefits  – every type of training at a high altitude increases transport of oxygen to cells and muscles. It lowers cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It also helps lose weight and decreases calorie consumption. Besides helping the body tissues regeneration, training at an altitude also helps our mental state – it reduces stressand depression and helps treat asthma.

This kind of training isn’t only benefitial to athletes. It can be benefitial to anyone, trying to improve their health and well being.